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Wichita Falls Living Magazine

Wichita Falls Winter 2019 Issue


Wichita Falls Winter 2019
Read and discover all the fascinating people and events happening in this issue of Wichita Falls Living magazine!

You Live the  Legacy You Leave Live Like Johnny

You Live the Legacy You Leave: Live Like Johnny

Friends and family continue the legacy of Johnny Callan. Read More » 




Impact 100 Wichita Falls provides the opportunity for women to invest their financial resources in meaningful ways to produce lasting community change. Read More » 


All the Arts for All the People

All the Arts for All the People

Eastside Mural Project sparks collaboration and creativity.


Efrain Carrin MSgt Retired Scott Anthony TSgt Retired Jason Gracin LtCol Christopher Hattendorf SSgt Octaevia Hutcherson TSgt

The Guardian Angels of the Road

Riding with a sense of Purpose!


Chris Estes

A Heart for the Arts

Chris Estes has a passion for the performing arts and for helping others tap into their own creativity. Read More » 


Aaron Alejandro

Planting the Future with Texas FFA

Agriculture is helping a Wichita Falls leader open doors. Read More » 


Students Targeting Success

Students Targeting Success

With the assistance of the Youth Target Foundation, Christ Academy has introduced classic shooting sports to students through its Clay Target Academy. Read More » 


The Extraordinary Ps Crazy Cars Museum  Harry Patterson

The Extraordinary P's Crazy Cars Museum & Harry Patterson

Harry Patterson brought the good things to his P’s Crazy Car Museum, including his love for God, family and country. Read More » 


Tails Tales and Tokyo

Tails, Tales and Tokyo

A Wichita Falls therapy dog reading program for children ad garnered the attention of a woman from across the globe who plans to implement it in Tokyo. Read More » 


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