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WOMEN You Should Know | Dusty Sternadel

Dusty Sternadel

SPECIALTY: Financial Advisor with a focus on Family Wealth Planning & Women’s Wealth Strategies, Nspire Motivational Speaker & Results Trainer.

My approach to business is based on a Zig Ziglar quote ‘You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want’. I figure if Zig is right then why wouldn’t I just focus on helping people first and foremost?   

I’m a career woman with a fantastic husband of 18 years and we have 5 kids. I own two businesses. I drop my kids off at school every day and pick them up every day at school. I’ve continued our tradition of family Sunday lunches for almost 40 years. Our favorite Sunday lunch is Grandma Veitenheimer’s homemade dumplings (even if it’s 100 degrees outside).  

4245 Kemp Blvd Suite 512 | 940.228.5961

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