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Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day

This year celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! To help do your part in keeping our planet safe and healthy for generations to come, check out some of these locations where you can feel good about recycling your waste instead of feeling guilty about shoving them into big, white trash bags and leaving them destined for the landfill. It is easier now more than ever to make conscious disposal decisions that are good for you, your community, and the environment!


Where to Recycle?

Check out this list to see where you can drop off your waste, instead of letting it end up in landfills.

We’ve also compiled some fun and engaging activities that you can try at home with supplies you already have on hand!

DIY Bottle Planter



• Soda or water bottle

• Nail or Scissors

• Potting soil

• Grass seed

• Craft googly eyes, pipe cleaners and pom poms


1. If using a soda bottle, thoroughly wash it before starting. 

2. Cut off the top of the bottle.

3. Use a nail or scissors to poke holes in the bottom of the bottle to let water drain out. 

4. Fill the bottle ¾ of the way with soil. 

5. Sprinkle with grass seeds then add another thin layer of soil. 

6. Decorate your bottle planter with craft supplies you may already have, such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners or pom poms, or draw eyes on paper and cut them out. You can even use the bottle cap from the top half of the bottle. Just glue on your decorations and have fun! 

7. Once your bottle planter is decorated, place it on a waterproof tray. Water it well and set it in a sunny spot. Make sure to keep the soil moist until the seeds start to sprout. Once your grass is growing, be sure to water it if the soil goes dry. 

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items that your kids can hunt for in nature, such as:
• Leaves
• Sticks
• Rocks
• Grass
• Bird Feathers
• Litter (A great way to take care of the planet while having fun!)

Or save this print out from 

                                                  Right click and Save to print


More Activities

Read-Along: Listen and read along to How To Help The Earth By The Lorax with Tish Rabe here.

Nature Photography: Let your child take the camera to capture some of the wonderful sights our beautiful planet has to offer.


Cloud Watching: Take some blankets and a picnic to the backyard for a fun outdoor lunch. Afterwards, take some time to lay down and let their imaginations run free while pointing out cloud shapes and animals.


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