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Let's face it, we all have those weeks that we are stretching our dollars. Here are a few ideas that cost little to nothing.

1. Visit a park

2. Go sightseeing

3. Play a board game

4. Visit the library

5. Try a new recipe

6. Draw something

7. Camp in the living room or backyard

8. Watch a new movie

9. Learn a new skill

10. Budget

11. Make a time capsule

12. Go through old photos

13. Exercise

14. Go geocaching

15. Make paper airplanes

16. Go through old clothes

17. Have a yard sale

18. Volunteer

19. Write a journal

20. Swap movies and books with a friend

21. DIY something from Pinterest

22. Make frozen meals

23. Have a spa day

24. Clean your car

25. Attend a local event

26. Do a random act of kindness

27. Have a sleepover

28. Go hiking

29. Skype a friend

30. Bake cookies

31. Practice photography

32. Read a book

33. Go jogging

34. Have a scavenger hunt

35. Go swimming

36. Try a free trial

37. DIY coffee

38. Borrow a neighbors dog

39. Visit the beach

40. Go window shopping

41. Play a trivia game

42. Donate

43. Build a fire

44. Organize cabinets

45. Paint



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