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Please, Can I have S'more?!

Making S'mores is an All-American summer memory.  Here are some new ideas for an old favorite.

Make a S’more-Scavenger Hunt
Make gathering your s’mores items a little more exciting with a scavenger hunt! Hide a box of graham crackers, marshmallows and some chocolate bars for the kids to seek and find.

Marshmallow on a Spoon Race
Divide the family into two teams. Give each a bag of marshmallows and a spoon. Place a bucket (or a bowl) on either side of the kitchen (or yard). One at a time, players must race to drop their marshmallow in their respective bucket. The first team to empty their bag wins!

Mix it up
Try using flavored marshmallows, a variety of cookies instead of graham crackers, and different chocolate candies to mix it up.  Make it a cooking competition and let everyone create their own recipe! You never know, you might just create a new favorite!


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