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Is Someone Sick? A Kid's Devotional

Part eight of the Devotional Series from “Coping with Coronavirus: A Kid’s Devotional for Finding God’s Peace in a Pandemic” by Chelsea Dorough & Jeanine Weise.

Many thousands of people have been sick with the coronavirus.  Maybe someone you know and love has gotten sick or you are afraid they might get sick.  The Bible tells us that when we pray for those who are sick, it can help them feel better.

James 5:14a, 15a IBC says "If one of you is sick...pray for him.  And the prayer that is said with faith will make the sick person well."

Hug someone you love and say this prayer together: "God, your word says to bring the sick to you in prayer.  There are many people who are sick with coronavirus.  You are the best healer.  Please help all the people who are sick with the coronavirus to feel better and protect the doctors and nurses who are caring for them. Amen"

Tip: Trace your hand on a sheet of paper.  On the hand, write the names or draw pictures of those who are sick.  Then, bring them to God by placing your drawing in your God Box or Bible.
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