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The Faces of the Legal Team You Want on Your Side

Schenk, Schenk & Haines has a reputation for being aggressive and zealous advocates for their clients. Being prepared before any court appearance, trial, mediation or deposition is key to the continued success of Schenk, Schenk & Haines.

The law firm would not have the success it has attained without the knowledgeable and experienced support team employed by the firm. Dolores Schenk, “Delo”, has worked at the law office for 35 years and is the “go to” person for any legal document questions. (Even the attorneys go to her for questions!)

Stacy De Hoyos is the office manager who has worked at the law office for 15 years. Although she “wears many hats” at the office, if she calls you, watch out, because she usually wants you to pay your bill!

Cyndi and Lee Ann recently purchased and renovated The Original Kemp-Kell Depot and are strong supporters of revitalizing the historic district of downtown Wichita Falls. We are all very proud of the building and love our new location.


Whitney Tate and Taylor Boyce are both legal assistants. Whitney has worked at SS&H over 2 years starting at the front desk and working her way up. Aside from learning the ropes as a legal assistant, she is very tech savvy and is the person you go to about all things computer and cell phone related. 

Taylor started working at the law office her senior year of high school. She is currently a student at MSU working on her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and working part-time at the office. If you ask her though, I’m sure she would say it seems like she never leaves! 

Amber Brooks is the most recent member of our team, working as the receptionist. She was born in Oregon but moved to Wichita Falls from Germany where her husband was stationed in the military. Amber is bubbly and friendly and “takes care of business” for the office.

From a young age Cyndi Schenk knew she would become a lawyer, just as her father did. Over thirty years later, Cyndi is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. Outside of the office, Cyndi can be found on the golf course, playing her guitar or riding around town on her electric bike.

Lee Ann Haines joined the firm in 2003 where she has dedicated her time to the needs of her client’s and their children. Lee Ann is passionate about giving back to the community and supporting the local political campaigns. Her dogs however, are her pride and joy. She has Dixie, Ellie and the youngest is a white gold retriever named Lucy

Lucy comes to the office everyday and greets our clients with excitement and joy, except for our mail woman! Our clients love seeing Lucy and she helps to relieve their stress and brightens their day!!!

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