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Back to School Lunch Ideas

The middle of August means back to school time.  My kids are excited to see their friends, meet new teachers, and wear their new shoes that have been patiently sitting in the box waiting for the first day!  I will miss all my baby chicks being in the nest but I am ready for a more structured routine.  I am not, however, looking forward to early morning alarm wake-ups, packing lunches five days a week, or hours of my life idling in the pick-up line.

To start the school year off on a good note, here are some creative and simple lunch ideas courtesy of Bellyfull to try before you break out the Uncrustables and Lunchables.  (I'll save those for the second semester...or at least the second six weeks, maybe!) We have also included some printable lunchbox notes!

 1. Waffles, with blueberries, and a mixture of chocolate chips and pistachios. Yum!

2. Salami, Ritz crackers, and cheese (sliced or string), and cherry tomatoes – basically a homemade Lunchable. Kids love to build and play with their food, so let them!

3. Puzzle sandwich, chips, and grapes.  You can find the puzzle cutter on Amazon for $3. Totally fun.

 1. PB&J rollups: use a rolling pin to make them thin, spread some nut butter and jam of your choice, and roll up. Serve with pretzels and chocolate covered blueberries

2. Kids love food on a stick! Cut up cubes of bread, spread some mayo and/or mustard on one side, thread on skewers with deli ham and colby jack cheese. Serve with crackers and dill pickles.

3. Pasta Salad…deconstructed. Cooked pasta with some Greek dressing and feta. Serve with summer sausage, cucumbers, and red bell pepper.

1. Build your own Taco: Tortilla Scoops, black beans, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, and chopped lettuce (if you have an extra compartment in your Bento box, you could include salsa or sour cream.)

2. Build your own Pizza: Ritz crackers, pepperoni, Colby Jack cheese, and black olives. (If you have an extra compartment in your Bento box, you could include some pizza sauce or another favorite topping.)

3. Build your own Sushi Roll: Seaweed, sweet rice with sesame seeds, imitation crab, sliced carrots, sliced cucumber, and soy sauce. (Maybe this one is a reach for some kids?

For more fun food ideas visit Bellyfull

Lunch box notes are always a fun way to connect with your kids during the middle of their day away from you.  Here is a cute printable from Urban Bliss of simple Lunch Box Love Notes!


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