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School Year Declaration

I came across this declaration that you can pray over your children, students, teachers and families as we head back to school.

I am CALLED for such a time as this.
I am anointed, appointed and CHOSEN by God.
I have God-given WISDOM to handle each and every situation I'm faced with.
I have renewed STRENGTH each day.
The joy of the Lord is CONSUMING me.
Peace RESIDES in my heart & my children are BLESSED.
They are CALM, respectful and passionate to learn.
They are OBEDIENT and KIND.
A hedge of PROTECTION is around us.
I am a WARRIOR destined for VICTORY in Jesus.
God is FOR me. My footsteps are ORDERED.
I DECLARE in Jesus name this will be an incredible, amazing, LIFE CHANGING school year!

- April Osteen Simons

From all of the staff here at Hometown Living we pray you have a blessed school year.
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