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DIY Fall Door Wreaths

Fall is so close I can almost feel it...between the cooler hours of 8 P.M. and 6 A.M.  To do our part in hurrying along the change in season, my B.F.F. and I had a crafty girls day.  We spent hours walking around the local craft store-because we didn't have kids with us and we could!  Seriously, hours.  We were a little giggly by the end of our 4th lap around but it was worth it!  Here is our step by step to making welcoming Fall door hangers.

As I said, we made several trips down all the rows seeing what caught our eye...Wooden signs, grapevine wreath, metal signs, seasonal picks, ribbon located in Fall, Christmas, and sewing sections, green fillers... Several options went in the basket to be returned on the next lap when we found something else we liked better.  Here are the supplies that made the final cut.

For the pumpkin sign, we first spray painted the raw wood white.  After it was dry, we taped off a band with painters tape leaving a 2 in space between the pieces.  Then, we painted the main parts of the pumpkin using black acrylic paint.  We chose to leave a dry brushed look with some white showing through for more texture.


 Next, we arranged our pieces before committing it to the chosen spot with the hot glue gun.  Remember what will be at eye level when it is hanging on the door and arrange the flowers accordingly.  Place your larger flowers first and use filler greenery and ribbon around them.  The good thing about hot glue is it is usually easy to peel off if you decide adjustments need to be made.  On the Grapevine sign, we wove the flower picks through the vine and tied the ribbon (cut at an angle to about 8 inches in length).  Glue pieces that need to be secured.


For the hanger, we used wooden beads of two different sizes strung on wire.  You could use a wire clothes hanger if you don't have craft wire on hand!  We attached the strung beads at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock of our signs.  For the wooden sign, we hot glued the wire to the back.  For the Grapevine sign, we used needlenose pliers to twist the wire around.  You could also use ribbon or attach a small loop on the back of your sign if you didn't want the hanger to show.  For the last step, we used a finishing wax on the beads and "hello Fall" to keep them from weathering. 

Here are our final products.  I love how they turned out and they fit each of our personalities so well! Now every Fall when I get out the pumpkins and autumn decor, I will remember the fun girls day with my sweet friend.  Now to decorate the rest of the porch!




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