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The 10 Best Vegetables and Fruits to Grow this Fall in Texas

Do you have a garden you have been cultivating for years or are you just getting started in fruit and vegetable gardening?

A backyard garden is the perfect place to grow the ingredients for all of your favorite dishes. If you are looking to expand your garden, here are 10 of the best vegetables and fruits to grow this fall in Texas.


Best Produce for Fall Gardens

Turnips: As a root vegetable, turnips do tolerate some shade, but will do best with at least six hours of sun a day.

Tomatoes: Tomato plants need a lot of sun, so raised beds with south or southeastern exposure are best. They also need good air circulation and access to water.

Strawberries: Strawberries are often planted between October and November, depending on what part of Texas you live in. While there are many varieties of strawberries, most thrive in raised beds of sandy or sandy-loam soil with good water and sun.

Cauliflower: Have loose, well draining soil with good air and water circulation so cauliflower grows well.

Spinach: Spinach needs good sun, soil and water to grow. Adding mulch helps to conserve moisture levels in the soil, which can help your garden.

Carrots: Like turnips, carrots can tolerate shade but prefer a lot of sun, water and good soil conditions.

Onions: With air circulation, water and raised planter beds, your garden has a good chance of producing many onions, as they grow very well in all parts of the state.

Cabbage: If you want to grow cabbage this fall, most Texas soils provide a good environment for cabbage transplants. Just provide the plants with enough sun and water!

Radishes: As a root that doesn’t handle high temperatures, fall and winter are often the best seasons for radishes. Partial shade and just a little space are okay for these veggies.

Garlic: Garlic needs water and nitrogen supplemented soil, so be sure to provide your garden bed with enough of each if you’re growing garlic cloves. They also need full sun, so an east-west garden might be the best space for garlic.


Grow Your Own Meals

Since we say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” homegrown produce and backyard gardens are no exception. Foodscaping is a popular trend in Texas, and it’s not going anywhere.”


Growing your own produce can help with your appreciation for fresh foods and the intake of the nutrients your body needs from those foods. Gardening is also a great way to get the whole family involved in the meal process–everyone can help care for the plants, harvest the crops and prep the meals with your own homegrown food.

If your backyard has a space for a garden, consider planting some of these fruits and vegetables this fall.

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