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Pro Tips for Fall Pumpkins

It is finally pumpkin season! We have some tips for making your pumpkins last longer and taste better. 

Give your pumpkins a bath with 2-3 capfuls of bleach added, let them air dry, and they will look PERFECT for months! It’s a bit of added work but well worth being able to decorate in now and stay gorgeous until well after Thanksgiving!


If you want to cook with fresh pumpkins, Consider selecting the smaller pie pumpkins with smoother skin. Cut and core them similar to butternut squash. Roast until soft and puree for baked goods or chop them and cook similar to sweet potato.


Do you want to keep your Jack O Lantern's scary grin lasting till Halloween? We suggest mixing up one part bleach to two parts water in a spray bottle and spraying after carving. Similar to the bleach bath, it prevents rot and helps your pumpkin creation last all season!


Happy Fall y'all!

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