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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean on a Busy Schedule

Is it just me or does time seem to speed up towards the end of the year?  How did I blink and it is already November?  The holiday season brings busy schedules and guests in our homes.  There's ugly Christmas sweater parties, family celebrations, school parties and projects, school, work, practice, games. 

I would like a nap somewhere in there and oh, yeah, there's the laundry mountain to climb and the dirty bathroom, not to mention the empty fridge needing to be restocked.  To keep your head above the water (or above the dust bunnies) try implementing these four simple cleaning tips.   

1. Do One Task Per Day

A great way to make cleaning easier is to spread it out.  You don’t always need to do a 3-hour deep clean to yield tangible results. Instead, doing just one task per day makes it easy to stick to a new cleaning regime and feel like you accomplished your goal, even if it's as small as wiping down the counters and table.

Dust today, wipe down surfaces tomorrow, sweep the following day, and mop the next. Putting yourself on a one-task-per-day schedule makes cleaning accessible and ensures that your home is constantly getting the attention it deserves.

2. Clean-Up While Cooking

If the clean-as-you-go cooking flow isn’t something you’re already practicing, you need to start now. This small change in cooking behavior can save you from long clean up sessions after every meal.  You can get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, counters wiped, and trash out before the oven timer goes off!

3. Create a Daily Clean up Ritual 

Doing a quick clean-up every day is one of the best ways to improve your home’s cleanliness. Pick a time each day that cleaning can be incorporated easily and do small tasks around the home.  Whether you find time in the morning, during the afternoon, or before bed, a few minutes every day can be a useful addition to your cleaning routine.  Each night after I get kids in bed, I straighten the pillows on the couch, gather up kid clutter around the house, and put it in their basket on the stairs to be put up.

4. Get the Family Involved

Keeping things clean is a team effort. We can all benefit by including our families in our updated cleanliness goals.  They learn as a family, it is a team effort to tackle the chores, and you don't have to take on the daunting task alone.  Talk to your family about what you’re doing and why it’s important. Assign simple, daily tasks to everyone and watch the to-do lists get checked off in record time. 

There is always a simple task for any age.  My three children under 8 all help clean and started around 3.  Their chores included taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, putting away their folded clothes, wiping down their bathroom counter, emptying out the robot vacuum, picking up their toys, and making their beds.
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