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Keepsake Turkey Tablecloth

A lot can change in a year.  It is bittersweet to look back at photos of my kids "this time last year".  They grow and change so much!  I love this crafty tradition that serves as a freezeframe of their size each year. You might just make your next family heirloom along with some precious memories!

This craft is really more for Mom, but the kids will have a great time. Use a light, solid-colored tablecloth that your kids put their handprints on every year to make a little turkey keepsake. 

To start, put the parents' handprints once in the center and then have the kids do their hands around yours every year. Let them get creative and pick the color they want then write their name and year underneath. You or your kids can draw little legs, beak, and eyes on their turkeys. They could even decorate the turkey!  Put “Thanksgiving Blessings”, or whatever you would like for your table. 

You can keep adding to this along the way and maybe one day put your grandkid's handprints on the tablecloth. Even if your children are older it’s still a fun tradition to start. It’s very simple and just takes a little time to remember each year. 



  •  Light, Solid Colored Tablecloth 
  •  Acrylic Paint (this is very important you use permanent paint or it will  wash off)  
  •  Paintbrush 
  •  Sharpies for adding legs, beak, and eyes (again something permanent)   
  •  Any way you want to do lettering in the center (embroidery, hand-drawn, vinyl traced etc.) 

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