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Kindness Advent Calendar

The season of Advent is upon us! Though we are already nearly three days into December, there are still 22 days left of Avent. I can think of no better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than with at least one act of kindness every day. Here are some ideas, or feel free to think of some of your own! Get the whole family involved.  What a great dinner conversation: discussing what tomorrow's act of kindness is and how each person can implement it! 


Dec. 3: Buy a friend or colleague coffee.

Dec. 4: Hold open the door for a stranger.

Dec. 5: Give a friend or loved one your full attention.

Dec. 6: Donate a Christmas present to charity.

Dec. 7: Tell a joke to make someone smile.

Dec. 8: Don’t forget self-care! Do something kind for yourself.

Dec. 9: Hide a happy note for someone to find. I love putting sweet notes of encouragement in my children’s lunchboxes to find at school.

Dec. 10: Donate unwanted books or gently loved items to charity.

Dec. 11: Tape money on a vending machine for a stranger.

Dec. 12: Smile at a stranger – or 2, or 15! 😊

Dec. 13: Get in touch with an old friend or relative.

Dec. 14: Let a car in front of you in traffic.

Dec. 15: Write or send a thank-you note.

Dec. 16: Smile and thank someone who serves you.

Dec. 17: Tell someone you love them.

Dec. 18: Pay for a stranger’s coffee.

Dec. 19: Offer to help someone.

Dec. 20: Feed animals (deer, birds, etc.)

Dec. 21: Donate unwanted, gently worn clothes to a charity that needs them.

Dec. 22: Do something unexpectedly kind for someone.

Dec. 23: Give a treat to your postal carrier. They are working hard this time of year!

Dec. 24: Thank a frontline or essential worker for risking their health (and sanity) to help others during the pandemic. Remind them how much their work is appreciated!

Dec. 25: Reflect and write down how much joy this holiday season has brought you.

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