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Women You Should Know: Meet Phoebe Pleming

Marble Mediation Group, LLC
Phoebe Pleming, Owner/Mediator

In addition to maintaining a busy professional career, I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my husband for 29 years. We have a son, currently in college, and I also have a step-daughter who lives with her husband in Austin, Texas. After being involved in and serving on the board of various non-profit organizations for many years, I created and operated a mentoring program for high school girls, specifically juniors and seniors, from 2005 until 2017.

From working together in a law office and seeing first-hand how mediation- when done well- could greatly benefit our clients we began to develop plans for offering mediation services with very high standards. We sought out a highly qualified and respected instructor and arranged for intensive, private mediation certification training. We set the bar high for the level of service that we would offer and how it would be offered. We do not simply go through the motions. We specifically tailor each mediation to the needs of the parties involved. We work hard with, and for, you to reach resolution.

I am passionate about mediation because I know there is a better way to resolve conflict. From my personal experience as a child of divorce, managing a law office for over 21 years, having worked with children of all ages as a teacher, and from being involved in business for over two decades, I understand the damage that can be inflicted when disagreement or conflict goes unresolved or gets out of hand. I know there is a better way. I know that conflict can be managed and often resolved in a way that is not only less damaging, but also more agreeable to all parties involved. I know mediation can help facilitate the process for moving forward separately. Mediation can assist in minimizing damage, keeping costs much lower, and keeping private matters completely confidential. You CAN have an amicable divorce, you CAN have healthy conversations, you CAN co-parent after separation/divorce, and you CAN move forward from conflict in a healthy way. Mediation keeps YOU in control of the outcome.

OUR PEOPLE: Phoebe Pleming, Owner/Mediator
Earl Griffin, Jr., Attorney at Law- Owner/Mediator
Alexis Hernandez, Owner/Mediator

I am still creating and growing businesses as well as people. I have a passion to help others and I find ways to do that in everything I do. Mediation has provided a wonderful opportunity to help people that feel stuck in conflict find a way forward. We want more and more people to know that they can take an active role in resolving their conflict and that with the right help they can avoid a great deal of heartache and costly litigation.  There is a better way to resolve conflict and move forward with your life and we want to show you how.

I am a woman on a grand journey! Each morning as my feet hit the floor, I ask myself, “What shall I create today?” 

844-MMGROUP / 844.664.7687 | [email protected]
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