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Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

When I taught pre-school shaving cream art was my favorite!  It's messy enough to be fun and a good sensory activity but still easy cleanup and the result is a beautiful swirl of colors.  This Easter, try dying your eggs using shaving cream and food coloring! You can also use cool whip as an edible substitute.


Materials Needed:
Neon Food coloring or regular food coloring (less vibrant colors though)
Hard-Boiled Eggs
Cookie sheet/cake pan
Shaving cream/cool whip
Straw/butter knife

Start by squirting white shaving cream (or whip cream) onto a cookie sheet and spreading it evenly. Drip different color food coloring onto the shaving cream. Take a straw and swirl the colors together to get a tie-dye look.  Roll an egg around in the colors. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse clean!

Source: Crafty Morning
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