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Family Finds You

Apr 09, 2021 08:40AM ● By Heather Martin
When Bryce met his wife, Tisha, and her three kids-Jordan, Morgan, and Brysan- he knew 
they were meant to be his family. But that was only the beginning of their journey.

Written By Constance O’Bryan

Photos by Molly Beth Photography and Provided by the Moore Family


Family is a very fluid word. The meaning of family changes and transforms to fit different dynamics of people all throughout the world. Family can be defined as the people from whom you descend, your blood relatives. Or family can be defined as the people in your life that simply mean the world to you, but to whom you have no actual kinship. Family is not defined by the way you dress, the color of your skin, or even by where you came from; it is purely defined by the connections you genuinely create together. Bryce and Tisha Moore discovered that family is what you make it, and they chose to make theirs just a bit bigger when they added three beautiful new members to their home, their hearts, and their family.

Before Bryce and Tisha got married, Bryce traveled internationally for mission work and it was an experience that had opened his heart to the idea of adoption. When Bryce met his wife, Tisha, and her three kids-Jordan, Morgan, and Brysan- he knew they were meant to be his family. But that was only the beginning of their journey. Bryce and Tisha talked a lot about adoption and what that would look like for them. They teetered between adoption and foster care. After finally settling on foster care, they jumped into classes and got licensed to take in any kids that needed a family to love and nurture them through the hard times they were facing. 

Soon facing an empty nest, as their youngest was a senior in high school, Bryce and Tisha were elated to be a part of such a rewarding thing. Before they knew it, they were called and asked if two young siblings, a boy and a girl, could be placed with them. They were told from the beginning that these two siblings would not be going back into the system and could, eventually, be adopted through the right steps. They graciously accepted the two young children into their home with hopes that they could maybe adopt them a little further down the road. The two children also had an older brother that had been placed with another family, but Bryce and Tisha often got him on weekends and for vacations so that all three siblings could be together as often as possible. Since they had been told that the siblings would not be going back to their family, the Moores had let themselves fall in love with them and incorporated them into their lives as well as their family. Though they had hoped to be able to adopt them, they were ultimately placed with a family member that was assigned to be their legal guardian. Bryce and Tisha were crushed and felt completely at a loss because there was absolutely nothing they could do. In their hearts, those precious kids had become theirs in the six months they had with them, but that didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Although they were heartbroken about losing them and frustrated with the system, they made the best of their remaining time together. Just days before Christmas, they decided to have an early Christmas and let them unwrap all of their presents before the case worker came to pick them up. Afterwards, they prayed over the two siblings and then had to let them go. Bryce and Tisha then found themselves wondering how to move past such a hard moment and praying for guidance from God on how to navigate the situation and the series of emotions that came with it.


About three weeks later, Bryce and Tisha were asked to take two brothers, a three-year-old and a four-year-old, and their answer was immediately yes. This time, they were warned that these boys would eventually be placed back with their family and to not get too attached to them for that reason. They worked to keep God in the forefront of every decision they made for the two boys, constantly seeking His guidance in this situation and how they could help these boys for the time they would have them. They also had two other siblings in foster care together with another local family, so they began getting them on weekends so they could all be together. The youngest, their only sister, was placed back with her biological father and then their other brother was placed with Bryce and Tisha so that he wasn’t alone when their sister went with her dad. Bryce and Tisha found themselves struggling with the desire to adopt the three boys, but whether they would be given the opportunity to adopt wavered day to day. Finally, the rights of the biological parents were terminated, and Bryce and Tisha were given the opportunity to adopt all three boys. On April 3, 2019, Bryce and Tisha officially adopted Travon, Terrance, and Tre as a part of their family forever. They chose to have an open adoption so that their biological mother can still visit them from time to time, because that is still an important part of the boys’ lives.


Six months after they adopted the boys, they were asked if they would be open to fostering any other children. Of course, they didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity. Since then, they have fostered several more precious children and have loved every single one of them. They don’t have plans to adopt any more, they are just enjoying being able to take in kids that are in need of a loving home and help nurture them the best they can for the time they are given; no matter how short it may be. Every kid that passes through their home becomes a part of the Moore family forever. The dynamic of their family is forever changing for that very reason and they wouldn’t have it any other way. †
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