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On the Water

Whether you are soaking up the sun at Lake Arrowhead, Lake Wichita, the Red River, or a trip to PK as pictured above, here are some safety tips to keep the summer memory from turning tragic in natural water environments.

  • Wear a life jacket! Employ layers of protection including barriers to prevent access to water and close supervision of children to prevent drowning.  Even kids that are strong swimmers should wear a life jacket in natural water.
  • Ensure every member of your family knows basic survival swim safety: able to enter the water, get a breath, stay afloat, change position, swim a distance then get out of the water safely.
  • Wear water shoes to avoid hazards, such as dams, underwater obstacles, or rocks and debris including fish hooks and glass. 
  • Be aware of other people’s activities in the same waters, such as boating.
  • Enter the water feet first for your safety! Always enter unknown or shallow water cautiously. Dive only in water clearly marked as safe for diving, at least 9 feet deep with no underwater obstacles. 
  • Swim sober.
  • Supervise others sober and without distractions, such as reading or talking on or using a cell phone.
  • Swim/kayak with a buddy.
  • Know what to do in a water emergency – including how to help someone in trouble in the water safely, call for emergency help, and CPR.
Source: American Red Cross
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