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Timeless Skills Kids Need to Know Today

They may seem old-fashioned but they never go out of style!  These are great reminders of some basic skills we need to teach our kids who know no different from today's instant gratification and digital world... and some good reminders for ourselves!

  • How to introduce yourself and shake hands
  • How to write a letter
  • How to make a phone call
  • How to make a genuine apology
  • How to admit a mistake and accept the natural consequences
  • How to take notice of needs around you and help
  • How to write a thank-you note
  • How to do basic chores: laundry, dishes, iron, mow
  • How to fix something instead of replacing it
  • How to make a budget
  • How to wait and save for something
  • How to have good table manners
  • How to find a book in the library
  • How to see a job through to completion
  • How to ask questions to get to know someone better
Spring 2022 Issue
Weekly Digital Issue