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Spring Fashion

Speaking of pants, another look that is making its way to the front is the 80’s style pleat in chinos. That’s right, it’s not just for the preacher on Sunday morning. To keep the chino from feeling too masculine, those puff sleeve tops that made their grand entrance last season are back and seem to have major staying power. Just remember these 2 words this spring/summer, Preppy Fashion and you’ll have a good handle on what’s “in” this season.

Everyone is still loving the sneaker street style and you will never hear complaints from me. While I will continue “collecting” overpriced sneakers that you can’t even play tennis in, THE shoe that is truly on every store shelf….the white cowboy boot! That’s right, Yellowstone has officially impacted our style as well.  And there is really no limit to what you wear it with. When I was growing up, cowboy boots were for actual cowboys or that George Strait concert. Not anymore! I blame it on Beth!

Remember when the Nike Tempo shorts were what all the cool kids were wearing? Well now, it’s the tennis skirt. And don’t worry if you don’t own a racket, it’s not a requirement for this popular clothing item. Would I be surprised at the next fundraiser luncheon if I see most women show up with their tennis skirts and white cowboy boots? Let’s hope not, but who knows we swore shoulder pads were staying in the 80s, and man oh man were we wrong!

           So for now, we can kiss those low-rise denim goodbye (hallelujah). Embrace the collared polos, the Bridgerton inspired fabrics in so many of the dresses and definitely do not turn your nose up to any white cowboy boots! This is the time to commit to anything but boring! 

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Spring 2022 Issue
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