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Father's Day Craft

A perfect Father’s Day craft for preschoolers or older kids.  They can personalize it to look like Dad by choosing craft paint that will match his hair color or something that sets him apart: colorful ties or a mustache or beard.

Paper roll
Craft paint
Googly eyes
Colored craft paper
Black marker

Start by painting the paper roll. We used three colors: one for the hair, the second for the face and the third for the shirt.

Glue the googly eyes.

Add a tie, bow tie, or mustache made from paper and/or a couple of buttons.

Use a black marker to draw a smile.

Kids can also add a little note to the craft. Write it on a piece of paper, roll it up and place it inside the paper roll.  You could also take a photo of Dad and kids on Father's Day to print and keep inside as well!

Courtesy of Non-Toy Gifts
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