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4-H Spotlight Nathaniel Donaghey

Photos provided by the Donaghey Family

Nathaniel Donaghey
Parents: Joseph and Chrisandra Donaghey

Where do you live? Electra, Texas

How long have you been a part of the programs and opportunities provided by Wichita County 4-H?  I have been in 4-H since I was in 3rd grade which makes this my 8th year. 

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about showing/competing? One of my favorite things about 4-H is making new friends from across the state.  My least favorite thing is the weather. Because Shooting Sports contests are nearly always outside, we must deal with extreme temperatures sometimes.  You never know what the wind will be or if it’ll be very hot or super cold.

Where have you competed and what awards have you won?
  I have competed in contests across the state of Texas. Last year, I placed 2nd in my archery class at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. I am currently a State Shooting Sports Ambassador which is a great honor.  I was also selected to represent Texas at the National Shooting Sports contest later on this summer in Nebraska. I’m on the State Recurve Archery team. I just qualified as part of the Wichita County 4-H Rifle team to compete at the State Rifle Contest in Victoria later this summer as well.

How has being a part of 4H programs prepared you for your future/goals?
4-H has really taught me how to manage my time and has improved my social skills.  It’s made me step out of my comfort zone and given me many leadership opportunities. 

Why is being in 4-H important to you?
Through 4-H, I have learned some valuable life lessons that I will carry on beyond my 4-H years. I’ve also learned how to safely be around all types of firearms. Safety is the number one concern when it comes to the 4-H Shooting Sports program.

What other 4-H projects have you participated in? In the Shooting sports project, I compete in Archery and Rifle. I’ve also shown rabbits as well as have entered items in the County project show.

What would you tell someone thinking about joining 4-H to persuade them to join?  Just do it! You get to learn how to participate in many shooting sports disciplines. Bonus is that you get to meet new people and make friends.  There’s also never a shortage of fun!

Who is your mentor?  Coach Cope and Mr. Davenport

Other groups/organizations you’re involved in? National Honor Society, church youth group. I also hold 2 regional records in powerlifting and competed at the state contest this year.  I also made it to regionals in 110 hurdles and pole vaulting.

Where do you want to go to college and what will you study? or What to do you want to do when you grow up? I want to do some type of metal fabrication after graduation. 

Tell us a funny story about something that happened while caring for your animal or during a competition or practice. Concentration is important especially at a contest. Your focus needs to be on your firearm and your next shot. At one Archery contest, someone sighed loudly, and I missed my shot.

What are your hobbies/interests? Weightlifting

Comments/Words of wisdom or advice:  Always bring an umbrella and bug spray.  


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