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Make a Splash Safely

Whether you are enjoying the Lucy Park Pool, Lake Wichita, or your own backyard pool, these 5 easy tips are great reminders to keep your summer cool.

  1. Enroll your kids in swim lessons. Once your child has had swim lessons, don't let your guard down - even when children have had formal swimming lessons, adult supervision is still an essential part of water safety for kids.
  2. Have an adult present with undivided attention (water watcher) at all times while kids are in the water.  Keep weak swimmers within arm's reach.
  3. Hire a lifeguard when hosting a pool party.  This way parents can relax and enjoy the party knowing a professional is on duty.
  4. Choose Coast Guard approved life jackets.  Make sure they are the right size and are fastened correctly.  
  5. Have children and weak swimmers should always wear a lifejacket in open water.  The limited visibility, differing depth, uneven surfaces, currents, and undertows should not be gambled with.
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