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Wichita Falls Living Magazine

Meet the Staff

Our company has been publishing for 30 years with the goal to provide a coffee table quality magazine that highlights the people, places and things that make each area a special place to live. Hometown Magazines have been used as a recruitment tool by school systems, hospitals and chambers. It helps to put a face on potential neighbors for those looking for a new home, as well as giving the locals something to relate to and be proud of!

The magazines are sponsored by local advertisers which allows for the publications to be distributed free throughout the community.  These magazines are also mailed to state and federal legislators. Please take time to view the list of advertisers at the back of each magazine. The production calendar for each market is to put out a “semi-annual” magazine that is distributed free of charge to local businesses and key residential neighborhoods. 

We want to thank you for the opportunity to publish a magazine in your area and look forward to learning all about what makes your community special.